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July 2014 See our 'NEWS' page for an exciting announcement...


 March 2014...  Some new quotes from respected journalist Jerry Seigel who owns and edits online magazine 

"Yes, I bought them. And every time I listen to music, I am glad I did" 

"No one should buy any power amplifier at any price until they hear this technology. It is truly a game changer for the product category 'power amplifiers' " 

"The Acousticimagery Atsah power amplifiers easily and always meet the requirements of our Zen Test and earn their superlative 10 Audio "10 LP" rating"

See 'NEWS' section for a link to the review.


Acousticimagery launched a Pre Amplifier and Mono Power Amplifiers in 2011.

The favourable reaction and press coverage culminating in a very good review by Hi Fi News resulted in Hypex, our amplifier module supplier, offering the stunning NCORE® NC1200 modules to us for use in our products.

The first product is the  'ATSAH' NC Monoblocs.

See our 'NEWS' section for more details......and on the 'ATSAH MONOBLOCS' page there are pictures of the amps.


In the 'NEWS' section we have  a couple of extraordinary quotes from an industry 'legend' which justify our complete faith in Hypex and Bruno Putzeys the NCORE® designer...                       


We also have some very exciting news for customers in the USA...



Also go to 'NEWS' for info on the 6 Moons review of the amps, here's a taster of Srajan Ebaen's conclusions.....................


"the Atsah twins get my very highest recommendation"


"Can class D really compete directly against class A now?.....the only possible answer is a loud firm yes it can."


"For now the Ncore 1200 solution with matching SMPS isn't simply best of breed I've heard, it's the only truly high-power amp of any persuasion I'd personally aspire to. That's because nothing not class D can possibly offer this combination of qualities. And in class D Ncore is the best I've yet heard."

Our USA dealer TweekGeek gave the ATSAH NC Monobloc Power Amplifiers their world public debut on Saturday 13th October at RMAF in Denver.

They were used to drive a pair of Vivid K1 loudspeakers and those that were there said that the sound was stunning.


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